‘Fixing’ amongst Argonauts The term ‘fixer’ is a vague, generalising and often unpopular term. At best it described a kind of ‘man (or woman) who can’, at worst it turns the spotlight away from the talents such a person needs to have and creates a base commodity. Certainly, many in the field will welcome a […]

By Nur Hassan. Mogadishu is my home and my love. But I don’t think I can live there again. People think Somalia is becoming safer but for the people living there, my family, friends and other journalists, it has never been more dangerous. A recent attack on the city by Al Shabaab – their second that month […]

Journalists are among those most likely to face technical attempts at attack and interception. Reporting is based on discussions with sources who may want to remain out of the limelight, and news sites attract extensive readership, making them a desirable target for potential attackers. But there are simple steps to protect against the most common […]

The revelation that the FBI sent a fake Associated Press story containing malware to a teenager suspected of making bomb threats has brought “spear phishing” back into the public consciousness. The technique, which combines malicious software with social cues tailored to the target, has been used by state and non-state actors to attack journalists and […]

  Permits, Planning and Primates  The Ups and Downs of Filming in South Africa. With so much to offer, it is hard to know where to start when extolling Cape Town’s many virtues. If you have never been to or filmed in Cape Town you will find it hard to accurately imagine the quality of […]