Dan Snow is a British television presenter. He’s known for numerous history programmes for the BBC and other broadcasters and has a regular history slot on ‘The One Show’:

Filming in unknown lands is pointless without a fixer. He or she is the most important member of the team.

I always think the term fixer is a little pejorative. They are in fact a producer, every bit as vital as the production team back home. On some projects I’ve worked on, in Syria or the Congo, our lives were in the fixer’s hands. They evaluated threats, of all kinds, and kept us safe. They also, of course,  painstakingly negotiated the access without which we would not have been able to even start to film anything.

The first thing we do when planning a foreign shoot is find out who is going to fix it, going to make it all happen. They have to have a bewildering range of talents. They often have to speak several languages, they have to operate in the most challenging terrains on earth, deal with the dizzyingly wide requirements of film production from the health of the crew to complex equipment, and logistics in places where there may be no roads. I have spent many happy hours with fixers, sometimes laughing and sometimes grimacing, from the Sahara Desert to the mangrove swamps of Bangladesh and the wind blasted extremities of the Falkland Islands. They are the people who make films possible.

World Fixer have set up an extremely valuable resource for making sure that your team get hooked up with the most appropriate fixer. It’s probably the most important decision you will make before arriving in the country and certainly the difference between success or failure.


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  1. Good one. I like the way Fixer’s efforts are recognized. Tx



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