By William Lloyd George. In Arabic they have a saying that states; “all foreigners are blind even if they are able to see”. This is the phrase that Palestinian journalist and fixer, Khaled Abu Ghali, uses to express the important role of the fixer in news-gathering around the world. Khaled believes that all journalists coming […]

By Ginger Gentile (San Telmo Productions) I came to Argentina in 2002 and fell in love—not with a man (that came later) but with the creative spirit of a country that moves from crisis to crisis with the grace of a tango dancer. In New York, my home, whenever there is a recession people get […]

If you’re planning to work in sensitive areas, hostile environments or remote locations you need to prepare – this involves making sure you have the right equipment, the right local knowledge and the right training. The demand from employers for access to these places often means that staff step into situations they don’t fully understand […]