Travel videos are a broad term but for brands and broadcasters alike they represent a considerable growth market. In order to understand this sector of media production and the opportunity out there for World Fixer members we interviewed Philip DeBevoise, founder of the Travel Video Alliance – an initiative aimed at bringing together travel brands and film makers around the world and celebrating the work they do together.

What is a Travel Video?

The way we define a “travel video” is any individual video or series (across many formats) that showcases our world and tells a story that inspires the viewer to go out and explore. We honor work released via digital, social, emerging (VR/360, etc.) and traditional platforms (TV, cable, etc.)

Why did you founthe Travel Video Awards (TVAs) in 2018?

Travel videos have undoubtedly become a driving factor in online travel bookings. They offer a unique lense to view destinations and share stories from across the globe. In 2017 alone, according to Statista, there was $600B+ in annual online travel bookings and Google/YouTube reported that video was used in over 60 percent of those bookings. Yet, there was no awards program solely honoring the work that travel filmmakers and brands were doing. I created the TVA’s to turn a spotlight on the work of these indie filmmakers, travel, media and lifestyle brands creating incredible videos showcasing the lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty of destinations across the globe.

Why did you partner with NAB Show for the Travel Video Awards?

NAB Show and the TVAs share common values and audiences. We’re both invested in pushing the filmmaking craft forward and showcasing the power of content. NAB aggregates an audience of creators and brands that often intertwine with travel videos, as well as has members that travel extensively for both personal and work purposes. The match was perfect and we’re honored and excited to continue to partner with them as the TVAs grow.

How did the Travel Video Awards grow into the Travel Video Alliance?

For me, the Travel Video Awards were always the start of something larger and year-round, not just an annual program. After the inaugural year, our drive to grow them into something bigger was echoed by the amazing filmmakers and brands who submitted to the awards. Thus, we created the Travel Video Alliance, as a home and connecting point for the global community of travel video filmmakers, content creators, influencers and brands.

The Travel Video Alliance, at its core, is a platform for filmmakers and brands to connect, collaborate and showcase their work. Currently on the Travel Video Alliance site, you’ll find the Awards, the TVAdb, a curated and searchable home for travel videos, as well as our Spotlight series, where we interview filmmakers and brands that inspire us. One of the most exciting elements we offer is that the work is being seen by potential clients worldwide, whether they be creative/marketing agencies, tourism brands or media and lifestyle brands that are commissioning this work across the globe.

As we look forward, we want to add more ways for filmmakers to leverage the Travel Video Alliance. One of these initiatives is launching a jobs board that will allow community members to post requests for proposals (RFPs) and other project-related needs ranging from production crew and internal creatives, to marketing positions for agencies, production companies, and tourism marketing departments. Other year-round projects we have in the works are events and educational programming including workshops, panels, film festivals, summits, and more.

How can filmmakers get involved in making Travel Videos? How do they reach clients?

It always starts with a story or experience that someone wants to share. I suggest that filmmakers can start by sharing stories and experiences from their own cities or go out and explore the world. The format of the story will be something personal for the filmmaker to decide. The TVA allows filmmakers to see the work being done by their peers and potential clients and thus enable someone to reach out to peers for advice or collaborations or even pitch themselves to clients. At the NY and Vegas NAB shows, we’ve also run panels discussing how to get into the industry, how to pitch yourself and also provided the opportunity to actually meet other filmmakers as well as clients.

Tell us about your new TVA Advisory Board.

I’m incredibly happy and honored to announce the creation of an Advisory Board comprised of leading members from the tourism and events industries. The founding advisors include Jay Meyer (SVP/Publisher,Travel + Leisure), Marc Battaglia (Executive Creative Director: Global Creative + Content Marketing, Marriott International), Al Merschen (Partner, Myriad/MMGY), Richard Bangs (Founder, Mt. Sobek), Tom Marchant (Partner, Studio Black Tomato) and Steve Corrick (CEO, North America, Comexposium).


Philip DeBevoise is the founder and CEO of Citizine Networks, Inc. ( and founder of the Travel Video Alliance and Travel Video Awards (TVAs). DeBevoise is a media entrepreneur as well as investor in a number of media/tech/consumer companies around the globe including Machinima, StyleHaul, DanceOn, Big Balls, and Tubular Labs, among others.

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