April 18, 2020

Covering COVID 19 in Italy

So far, Italy has been hit the hardest in Europe by the Coronavirus. Throughout the crisis it has been difficult to capture footage on the front line for obvious reasons but local producer, Lino Ruggiero from Dado Productions in Florence has been chronicling events in his city since March 12th and continues to do so.

An overview of the footage he has secured can be viewed here: RECAP COVID 2019

If anyone is interested in viewing this, or commissioning further they can reach out direct to Lino via World Fixer or through the Dado website: https://www.dadoproduction.it

When we emerge from these difficult times there will be a million stories to tell and lessons to be learned. We believe that film makers, journalists or writers will find collaborations with those on the ground more valuable than ever and want to support those connections. If anyone else out there is covering the current crisis please get in touch and we will promote you to our network of over 13000 local producers and 6000 clients globally.

All our stories are important so we can move foreward informed, united and stronger as people from this unique event.

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