So far, Italy has been hit the hardest in Europe by the Coronavirus. Throughout the crisis it has been difficult to capture footage on the front line for obvious reasons but local producer, Lino Ruggiero from Dado Productions in Florence has been chronicling events in his city since March 12th and continues to do so. […]

The Kurt Schork Awards honour the brave work of freelance journalists, local reporters and news fixers who risk their lives every day to bring us stories about conflict, corruption and human rights. These are the colleagues who often receive little recognition, yet are most essential. Their work not only protects free and independent media – […]

From September 20th to November 2nd Japan hosts the Rugby World Cup. World Fixer have supplied several local producers to ITV Sports to help them with their coverage and are working with other production companies to create content around the tournament. Japan’s rise in rugby has produced a team who are considered serious contenders this […]

Travel videos are a broad term but for brands and broadcasters alike they represent a considerable growth market. In order to understand this sector of media production and the opportunity out there for World Fixer members we interviewed Philip DeBevoise, founder of the Travel Video Alliance – an initiative aimed at bringing together travel brands and film […]

A new book by Lindsay Palmer (a professor at School of Journalism & Mass Communication/University of Wisconsin-Madison) has been released called, ‘The Fixers’. It’s a rare collection of insights drawn from 75 interviewees across 39 countries. Rather than focussing on accounts of fixers work from the perspective of foreign correspondents she’s gone to the people […]

Over recent decades, climate change has been one of those topics that was ever present but so easy to ignore. However, thankfully there seems to be a growing chorus in the media which makes it impossible to remain complacent in the face of such impending urgency. With a few notable exceptions it seems like the […]

Cuba is opening up and it’s no surprise that crews all over the world are rushing to produce on its shores in ever increasing numbers. Whilst there are some excellent, very established producers and service companies already operating in-country we were curious to speak to someone from our network who has taken the leap and […]

nigerian elections

Nigeria’s general election takes place this month. Economic growth, security concerns and eradicating corruption have been central to each candidate’s campaign; but what do the electorate want? And can any of the candidates deliver on their promises? On the 19th February Nigerians will go to the polls to elect their next president. Officially there are […]

China offers a wealth of opportunity for new and exciting projects, but filming here  can be a challenge. China is becoming an increasingly popular location to for media production. From Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man, to commercials like Land Rover’s epic ad shot on the Tianmen Mountain; the country is a mine for jaw […]

As most fixers know, the profession is extremely demanding. International travel, irregular working hours and often physical danger are all part of the job description. Tight deadlines and complex logistics can be incredibly time consuming; and if a client suddenly decides to revise the project, you better be ready! There never seems to be a […]