Antenna Documentary Festival

World Fixer collate a selection of upcoming film festivals from around the world in 2018

There are now community walls for each country when you land on search results. We wanted to give you a way of interacting with numerous members on the site to post jobs, ask questions or discuss relevant issues. Theres a few interesting features we thought you’d like to know about so please take a look […]

After some time we have finally launched a new version of the World Fixer site. The aim is to build a better community and make the site more useful for all members. Please see some of the new features below – if you have any additional questions get in touch through Dashboard: Every user […]

We’ve been working in some wild and beautiful places recently – Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Ethiopia – but every now and then we are asked to produce in places that are new to us and its always exciting to see the footage that comes back. One such place recently was Newfoundland, a Canadian province on the […]

Yemen has been described as an island – cut off from the world since a bloody civil war began in 2014 between Houthi rebels and the government of president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) estimates around 2.4 million, or 10% of the country is displaced as a result making it one of […]

The news is full of reports about changes afoot in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As they make inroads into a move away from oil dependance we are hearing about ambitious tourist resorts and a relaxing of entertainment laws. However, almost weekly this coincides with another negative report about the strict regime. We spoke to […]

Photo: Matt Cetti Roberts In a derelict hotel room a sniper sits patiently on a cheap plastic chair, the barrel of his weapon fixed on a gap in the furniture, upended to block the window. The sound of sporadic gunfire and mortar shells tells us he is close to the action but he doesn’t shoot, […]