Four men were sitting in a living room. One of them, a journalist, asks the other two, kidnappers, what is your preferred type of victim? The kidnappers response brought a solemn quietness to the room: people who look exactly like you… The fourth guy was me, a local fixer, and luckily I had the expertise […]

BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast ‘The Harrages of Algeria’ on it’s ‘Crossing Continents’ strand about migration. It was produced by Lucy Ash who worked with veteran fixer Said Chitour to give us an insight into why so many young men are leaving Algeria in search of a life in Europe. WF spoke to both Said […]

Set in Cairo ‘Facing the Fixer’ is an insightful documentary about the importance of the role of fixers in foreign Journalism. The piece is kindly lent to the World Fixer Community by film maker Jessica Gutch.   The film is set in Cairo and features several fixers, news assistants, and journalists, whose contributions all build an articulate, intelligent […]

This article was duplicated with kind permission from ‘‘, a digital news publication out of India. Please follow the link at the bottom to view the full piece: Foreign film crews hope that ‘Make in India’ will translate into easier shooting permits By Nandini Ramnath  · Apr 14, 2015 · 05:49 pm   Line producers and the leading film guild […]

Jonathan Miller is the Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the UK’s Channel 4 News. Jonathan has won four Royal Television Society Awards and four Amnesty International TV News awards for the programme. Before joining ITN in 2003, Jonathan worked as a documentary director and presenter after fours years as a BBC correspondent in South East Asia. […]

Considered as the birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia carries a noble history upon it’s sands. But it’s place in the modern global consciousness is revered and controversial in equal measures. From Madain Saleh to the forthcoming ‘Kingdom Tower’, the country is a staggering clash between the old and the […]

 By William Lloyd George. In Arabic they have a saying that states; “all foreigners are blind even if they are able to see”. This is the phrase that Palestinian journalist and fixer, Khaled Abu Ghali, uses to express the important role of the fixer in news-gathering around the world. Khaled believes that all journalists coming […]